How to Build a Shopify Application Using PHP?

Is PHP suitable for creating applications on Shopify?

In the Shopify platform you can build applications using different programming languages, today we will describe how to build an application using the popular PHP language. Currently, according to “PopularitY of Programming Language Index” it is in the top 5 most popular programming languages.

PHP is a web-based programming language in which we can build an application on Shopify. Php is still a very popular language and has a huge community and a lot of frameworks that can be used when building applications.

How difficult is it to build an application on Shopify, what do you need to know?

Building an application on Shopify Apps is very easy, but you need to understand how Api Shopify works and how to make integration. If you want to save some time, you can use the ready-made solutions to connect the applications to the Shopify API.

The first step is to build a new application using your Shopify Developer account, if you don’t have an account yet, you can create one by visiting :

Having already created an application, it is time to connect it to the API using the received API keys. After completing the above steps we can start working on the Application.

How to install the application on the Shopify store?

To connect our store to the application, you need to perform the authentication process, Shopify uses OAuth authentication, which is a very secure method of communication between applications. Each application installed in the store has its own unique key, which can be used to ensure secure communication in a given user session.
The necessary steps:

Build a file to support the installation of applications in Shopify

Development of a token generating script using cURL(Client URL Library )

Optionally, it is possible to save the token in the database (please remember security considerations)
Creating an installation link based on the data we received

After completing the above options and providing an installation link in the application we should see:

The pros and cons of using PHP when building Shopify.

The pros:
-Speed – is fast because it does not use many system resources
-Easy to use – the syntax is easy and legible, similar to C
-Stability – is used by many developers, so many bugs are already fixed, and if we encounter one, we will quickly find an answer thanks to the huge support of the community
-Lots of libraries and frameworks to choose from, lots of ready-made solutions that can be useful while creating Shopify applications
-Built-in modules to connect to the database, it speeds up developers’ work when connecting to databases
-Lighted future – PHP continues to gain in popularity and grow.
– No variable selection, it can slow down the application and lead to strange and unexpected errors.
-PHP is not asynchronous, line by line.
-PHP is very easy to create bad and very dangerous code.
PHP has a bad reputation for being a bad code by inexperienced programmers who can learn to program in this language quickly, but who write incorrect code that runs slowly and has many bugs, but if someone knows and can program well in PHP, they can create a correctly working application that has no bugs and runs fast. Since PHP 7, the language has been improved dramatically, and it regains its good name. We recommend PHP to create applications in Shopify.
If you need an application tailored individually to your needs, our team of specialists are able to do it. To find out more, please contact us.

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