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About the brand Bebe

About the brand

BÉBÉ Concept is a brand created by women, for women, mothers, children and their relatives. This online store is not only a place with a unique assortment, but also a space to look for answers to questions about parenting and child development.

The brand's offer includes products of the highest quality, carefully selected, natural and certified.

Products promoted by the brand can also be found in a stationary boutique in Warsaw (Kłopot 4 Street, Warsaw)

The store is a multi brand, which means that customers will find everything that parents can look for for themselves and their children.


Purpose of activities

The main goal of the activities was to migrate the store from the Shoplo system to Shopify Plus. One of the key elements was also the implementation of PIM Akeneo.
The whole was based on the store's infrastructure built during the project. The team, through dedicated, proprietary solutions, adapted the whole to the ideas of the owners of the store so that it meets the expectations of the most demanding customers.
Thanks to the unique cooperation, a space was created that supports business development and responds to the needs of the brand's customers

What have we done?

pre-implementation analysis

migration to Shopify Plus

dedicated solutions

implementation of PIM Akeneo

ERP implementation supervision

consultations and ongoing implementation support

Tools and solutions used

Shopify Plus


The new store on the Shopify Plus platform significantly influenced the development of the business of the store owners.

Ease of use, dedicated solutions and the availability of Shopify's support make the store not only friendly to visitors, but also affect the speed and quality of store management from the administrator's point of view.

In addition, through the implementation of PIM Akeneo, product information management has become much more efficient, automating many processes, accelerating them.

An effective engine and proven functionalities are enclosed in an aesthetic design. The end result is a store where both brand representatives and its customers can feel at ease and make purchases in a store tailored to their needs.

Daga Podkrólewicz was responsible for Art Direction and UX and graphic design of the project.

About cooperation

Our coordinator says

We presented the tough challenge of migrating your store in six weeks. At the same time, we were thinking about new systems such as PIM Akeneo. This task would be unrealistic if it were not for the team that was heavily involved in this project. Cooperation with the client was also very important, as he showed great commitment, support and willingness to implement this project in such a short time.

Piotr Znamirowski, Head of Business Analysis

Piotr Znamirowski, Head of Business Analysis

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