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About the brand

Adventure Sports is a shop with sportswear and equipment that every enthusiast of outdoor activity needs.

The offer of Adventure Sports stores is a unique, carefully selected, unique sports assortment with the highest technical parameters. Adventure Sports is a place where all the most demanding winter and summer sports enthusiasts will find the necessary products to practice their beloved discipline.

Adventure Sports has also 11 stationary stores in Gdańsk, Gdynia, Warsaw, Kraków and Zakopane, among others.


Our goal was to analyze the current e-commerce environment, designing the implementation path of a new online store along with e-commerce processes and their automation based on the Shopify platform. One of the main goals was also to improve product information management.

After the pre-implementation analysis, it was decided to implement and configure the Akeneo PIM system as well as to design and implement Shopify.

What have we done?

pre-implementation analysis

e-commerce environment design

implementation and adaptation of PIM Akeneo

e-shop design

development based on Shopify

e-commerce systems integration

consultation, support and development from analysis to implementation


Thanks to an in-depth pre-implementation analysis, we were able to learn about all the problems and challenges in e-commerce that the owners of Adventure Sports had to deal with. The collected information made it possible to define and plan the implementation path of the new e-commerce system. Knowing all the processes taking place, we were able to realistically respond to the needs and offer the best solutions. Designing an information flow diagram in the designed e-commerce system made it possible to construct an environment with the highest possible efficiency. Thanks to this, the necessary integrations with PIM, Shopify and other systems ran smoothly, ensuring the expected results. One of the most important logical changes was the recognition of PIM as the main source of product information.

Moving on to designing and development, we kept the style recommended by Adventure Sports, while maintaining the maximum usability of the website.

Piotr Znamirowski / Ecommerce Manager, Project Coordinator

Piotr Znamirowski

Design desktop

Adventure Sports design - desktop version mobile

Design mobile

Adventure Sports design - mobile version desktop

Adventure Sports Effects



Connected systems with workflow



Shopify applications used



System integration stages

Solutions and tools



Adventure Sports has gained not only a new graphic design, but most of all many improvements that will affect the efficiency and scalability of the business. The implementation of PIM Akeneo made it possible to systematize information about the product, which results in the provision of consistent, accurate and high-quality information about products and significantly shortens the time of introducing products to the market. By resigning from developing a dedicated system and switching to Shopify, Adventure Sports can focus on brand development without having to focus on maintaining the platform, hosting or SLA. Investing in a safe, fast and modern platform enables easy order handling and business scaling.

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