Case Study Nature Love

About the brand Nature Love

About the brand

With its guiding principle "Love the power of naturalness", Nature Love creates a completely new approach on the nutritional supplements (NEM) market. The brand aims to provide the highest quality health supplements, mainly in the German market. The products offered in the store contain 100% plant-based ingredients without genetic engineering, without unwanted additives and are always laboratory tested before release.

The online store is not only the main sales channel for the brand and its showcase, but also a source of valuable knowledge for the market about good eating habits and supplementation.

Nature Love

Purpose of action

To enhance the shopping experience, meet growing market expectations and prepare for overseas expansion, the company chose Shopify Plus as the platform for its new flagship store.

Critical to the success of the project was integrating the store with existing external systems, including Plenty Markets' ERP, and ensuring the high performance of the system's desktop and mobile versions.

An important aspect of the project was to ensure that the new visual identity of the client's products, would be seamlessly integrated into the improved store, and that the entire process would run without delay, in close cooperation with the client's design department. Due to the planned nationwide marketing activities, it was a non-negotiable condition to execute the MVP version in a short period of time and to prepare the site for high traffic at specific intervals.

Close and multi-level cooperation with Nature Love based on a partnership relationship allowed us to meet all the assumptions towards the new store and create a plan for further development of the site.

What we did?

Upgrade of existing Shopify plan to Shopify plus

Implementation of the new store (MVP + further development in subsequent stages)

Support during dedicated integration with Plenty Markets ERP system

Replacement of external applications with native Shopify Plus functionality to increase speed and reduce fixed costs - reducing monthly application costs by 90% - without losing funcionality

Creation of a dedicated event tracking system integrated with the Matomo tool

According to the Lighthouse report, we achieved improvements in store performance by:
• 166% in the desktop version;
• 2100 % in the mobile version;

Expansion of individual elements of the store after the publication of the MVP

Preparation of an application for the store, designed to help visitors choose a product in a form of quiz.

Implementation of a new page with advertising videos and advanced animations

Effects of cooperation



Reducing monthly application costs



Performance in the desktop version



Performance in the mobile version

What tools did we used

Shopify Plus
Plenty markets

Opinions of people involved in the project

Piotr Chrzan - team lead developer, Shopify Expert

Piotr Chrzan Team Lead Developer, Shopify Expert

Working on the project was a great challenge in terms of high demands from the client and a short deadline. The main goal was to carry out the implementation so that the store was fast, sellable and visually consistent with the design of the entire brand.

The challenge was also to build a team together with the client, who had to quickly get to know each other and be on the same wavelength. On the Brand Active side were shopify developers and on the client side were the content department and UX/UI specialists.

The work, on the other hand, was coordinated by an external Product Owner who really carried out the whole project brilliantly. Before the launch of the project, our team was able to meet the whole Nature Love team in person, we were invited to a workshop with them. So as to make the last changes before the end of the project and set the scope of work for the next sprints.

I am very pleased with the final result and continuing work with the client. May there be more such projects.

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Justyna Skucińska
Justyna Skucińska - Project Manager on Brand Active side

Justyna Skucińska Project Manager on Brand Active side

Nature Love is a team of people determined to achieve the best results. There was no room for mistakes in this project. The stakes are always higher when the work is on an active store with heavy traffic. We had to ensure a smooth and safe store move with no disruption to business operations. Thanks to proper planning, knowledge and experience of our team, the process went smoothly and our client's store is ready for further growth and success in online trading activities.

This client's high level of awareness, both in terms of design challenges and their specific needs, made our collaboration truly productive and enjoyable. One aspect I particularly appreciate about Nature Love is their strong emphasis on close collaboration and full transparency. This approach has helped build trust and open communication throughout the project. They clearly value, as do we, a true partnership in which all participants are actively involved and working toward a common goal. I look forward to continuing our cooperation.

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Piotr Chrzan

Our collaboration with Brand Active went beyond expectations. Their team delivered innovative solutions efficiently and adapted flexibly to changing conditions. The process was smooth, with a professional and creative approach. Brand Active's flexibility ensured project success despite unforeseen challenges. The results were outstanding, exceeding initial projections. I recommend Brand Active for their commitment to delivering exceptional outcomes. Looking forward to future collaborations.

Patrick Klug - Product Owner on Nature Love side

Patrick Klung - Product Owner on Nature Love side


The new Nature Love store offers, among other things, short loading times and mobile responsiveness - in line with our initial assumptions. Our main goal was to design a store that, above all, does not interfere with the customer's shopping experience and guides them through a short and intuitive shopping process.

The efficiency and flexibility of a platform like Shopify Plus allowed us to replace external applications with native Shopify functionalities, which had a positive impact not only on the store's performance but also on reducing the cost of subscription fees.

Close cooperation with the UX team on the client's side, allowed us to graphically match the selected template to the visual communication of the brand, design a user-friendly shopping path and use the latest promotional materials created for the new store.

This collaboration is just the beginning of Nature Love's adventure with Shopify, and so we are proud to have been involved in this project from the very beginning.

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