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What we can do for you?


As a Shopify Partner, we create online stores, advise and help launch sales abroad and in Poland, including Polish Shopify payments, translation into Polish, general configuration, delivery configuration, customization of the appearance and connection of marketing tools.

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Shopify plus

Shopify Plus is a solution for entrepreneurs who care about non-standard activities, advanced functionalities or extended access to API. As part of Shopify Plus support, we integrate, provide checkout editing, B2B and Shopify Flow services.

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PIM Akeneo

We connect Shopify stores with PIM systems to maximize optimization and automate the transfer of product information. As part of the service, we offer an extensive audit, strategy development, implementation supervision, consulting and training.

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UX/UI Design

We prepare layouts for online stores. We precede the process with an extensive analysis so that the newly created store meets all the guidelines in terms of UX. The next step is mock-up with the cooperation of graphic designers and programmers. The last stage is designing the layout and preparing graphic views. After designing the store, graphic services can be continued as one-off orders or in the form of a subscription.

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As part of the activities, we prepare an audit, set the optimization path and strengthen linking to the store. The purpose of the service is to strengthen the store's position in Google search results.

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Google Ads
& Facebook Ads

W ramach współpracy realizujemy szeroko zakrojone działania z zakresu Google Ads i Facebook Ads, docierając do najbardziej wartościowej grupy odbiorców, zwiększając rozpoznawalność marki, zaangażowanie odbiorców i zyski.

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E-mail marketing

As part of the cooperation, we implement extensive activities in the field of Google Ads and Facebook Ads, reaching the most valuable group of recipients, increasing brand recognition, audience engagement and profits.

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