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Case Study Miior

About the brand Miior

About the brand

The Miior brand is an emanation of modern design, where functionality is intertwined with aesthetics, and innovation rolls into everyday life, transforming ordinary mirrors into works of applied art. Its story began with a simple observation and dissatisfaction with the existing situation.

At home, one of the company's founders noticed the need for convenience in mirror use and created the first AXIO-LINK® mechanism. Although the solution was not very popular at first, the establishment of cooperation with designer Katarzyna Okińczyc resulted in the creation of groundbreaking models for the brand, honored with numerous awards, including the Red Dot Design Award. The brand's position in the market increased when the company received an invitation to collaborate on the construction of the luxurious Morpheus Hotel in Macau, which resulted in the creation of the new AXIO-SLIM® system. This investment was a milestone in the company's development enabling it to create another breakthrough solution - the AXIO-BOX® extension system.

Miior mirrors, assembled by hand from Polish components, are a symbol of high quality and attention to detail. Their creation is an example of how understanding everyday problems can lead to the creation of an exceptional product. The story of Miior is not only a story about design, but above all about people who want to make the world a better place through simple yet ingenious solutions.


Purpose of action

The company made a strategic decision to create a new B2C store for its private label to directly reach new markets with its products. Aware of the need to develop distribution channels and expand its reach, it decided to invest in expanding its online presence by creating a dedicated sales platform. The priority of implementing the new store was to ensure operational fluidity and maximum process efficiency. At the same time, the company directed its efforts towards creating a scalable solution that would be ready for dynamic changes and business growth in the long term.

In choosing the right e-commerce platform, the company considered a number of factors, including the flexibility of the solution, the ability to quickly adapt to changing market needs, and the wealth of features and tools to support online sales. After a thorough analysis of the available options, our client decided on the Shopify platform as the engine for its new online store.

The Shopify platform stood out not only for its flexibility and ease of customization, but also for its rich ecosystem of ready-made templates and tools, which accelerated the implementation process of the project. By choosing Shopify, the company was assured that its new store would not only be modern and functional, but also prepared to scale effectively as business grew in new markets.

What we did?

Creation of  store   in Shopify;

Template installation;

Configuration of fonts/colors/backgrounds in the selected template;

Configuration of currencies: Euro;

Configuration of languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish;

Slider configuration for desktop and mobile versions within the selected template;

Configuration of video section;

Configuration of the "Choose your shape" module aimed at presenting the three types of products offered;

Configuration of the product card;

Creation of the returns form;

Creation of the blog section;

Implementation time - 2 months;

What tools did we used


Opinions of people involved in the project


Paweł Nowosad Project Manager - Brand Active

Building a store for Miior was a unique experience of working with people passionate about what they do and ambitious to open more widely with their products in the European market. All of this, combined with our expertise, allowed us to create a dedicated solution where the uniqueness of the Miior brand plays the first fiddle, and the store allows for quick shopping and is easy to maintain.

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The implementation of a new B2C store for the private label was a key step in the company's expansion strategy in new markets. The decision to invest in a dedicated sales platform was a conscious choice to reach customers directly and maximize the efficiency of sales processes.

The choice of the Shopify platform proved to be the right one due to its flexibility, scalability and wealth of tools supporting online sales. As a result, the company obtained not only a modern online store, but also a ready-made solution that can grow dynamically as the business grows.

In conclusion, the implementation of a B2C store based on the Shopify platform is an excellent example of an effective e-commerce development strategy, enabling the company to reach new customers and effectively manage its commercial processes in the long term.

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