Case Study Genactiv

About the brand Genactiv

About the brand

Genactiv is a Polish brand created out of passion, knowledge and experience. The company offers high quality products in the form of supplements and dermocosmetics based on colostrum bovinum and mare's milk. What distinguishes Genactiv from other brands is the speed of obtaining colostrum - already within 1-2 hours from the beginning of lactation. The brand puts respect for nature in the first place, maintaining the highest ethical standards of obtaining ingredients on which it is based during production. Products offered by the brand are fully natural, they are not subject to any modifications, they are created in accordance with the original production system based on a multi-stage freeze-drying process. Genactiv is created for people who care about the general condition of their organism and who want to maintain natural immune system defences.


Purpose of activities

The main objective of the activities in cooperation with Genactiv was to carry out the migration from Shoplo to the Shopify sales platform, which met all the client's requirements both in terms of modernity and intuitive navigation.
The work also involved improving the UX and introducing a modern design fully matching the brand identity. The changes we introduced are a guarantee of better access to information for potential clients and a proof that Genactiv is an experienced expert in its field.

What have we done?

pre-implementation analysis

design of UX mobile first mockups and layouts

implementation based on the Shopify engine

optimization and customization of plugins from the Shopify App Store

consultations and ongoing implementation support

Tools and solutions used


Mobile first mockup

Genactiv mobile design desktop

Desktop mockup

Genactiv mobile design mobile

Design mobile first

Genactiv mobile design desktop

Design desktop

Genactiv mobile design mobile

Effects of cooperation



Optimized Shopify apps



Hours of work



Ecommerce specialists


By migrating to Shopify, Genactiv has gained new functionality and the option for a simpler, more intuitive user experience, which will significantly improve the team's workflow. The capabilities of the platform, along with the design refresh, not only made the shop more attractive, but also made it more efficient, which will undoubtedly translate into brand recognition and, consequently, business scaling.

High awareness, a clearly defined plan, commitment on the part of BA and regular contact at the client-agency level made it possible to achieve the goals set at the beginning of the cooperation.

About cooperation

At Genactiv, while manufacturing our supplements, we never compromise and offer our clients products of the highest quality, just as Mother Nature invented them. While building the new version of our eCommerce website, we also wanted to offer our clients a top-class website, characterised by modernity, intuitive navigation and, most importantly, rich in attractive content. BrandActive met all our requirements above expectations. The agency should be praised for its individual approach to the client, understanding of business needs and exemplary project management, which is rare in the development world.
On my part, I would like to add that the agency presents a very high level of UX and UI, which in my opinion is nowadays crucial for building a proper online shopping experience. Thanks to the cooperation with BrandActive and the Shopify platform, I am convinced that today Genactiv is at the forefront of Polish eCommere in its category.

Antoni Krokowicz, Marketing Director / Member of the Board


Our coordinator says

Migrating the shop from Shoplo along with changing the domain to on Shopify was quite a challenge, but we managed to meet it. The new version of the shop with improved UX and modern design matching the new brand identity made it easier for customers to access information and showed the brand as an expert in its field.

Important steps included working with iCEA GROUP INTERNATIONAL, who took care of SEO mapping files and redirects, which we successfully implemented to avoid drops in Google positions.

It was a pleasure to work with the client - it is very good to work with specialists who know what they want, and Genactiv is undoubtedly such a client.

Weronika Radlińska, Project Manager Development at Brand Active

Weronika Radlińska, Przeprowadziła analizę i koordynowała prace wdrożeniowe

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