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Akeneo vs Pimcore – PIM comparison. Which one to choose?

Akeneo vs Pimcore

The growth of the digital information ecosystem is one of the consequences of the intensive development of online stores. Do you run a business that is constantly expanding with new assortments or planning to expand to foreign markets? Think about setting up a product data model that will allow you not only to grow your business, but also to streamline the work of your team, increase conversion and, most importantly, avoid chaos and ensure a positive shopping experience for your future customers. PIM is the solution to help you do just that. We write about how to choose an information management system in this guide, where we present the advantages of Akeneo and Pimcore.

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Hydrogen Shopify – a React-based framework

Hydrorogen - a React-based framework

Recently, we have had a tremendous increase in new e-commerce opportunities, which allows us to operate without borders. Shopify itself works nonstop to improve and create amazing solutions for online stores. Recently, Shopify Unite 2021 took place, during which new explosive products were unveiled: Online Store 2.0, Metafields and others. The event combined a lot of information, a fresh approach and a whole lot of great proposals directing you to a simpler way to make your dreams come true in the context of the store and its functionality.

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Develop your Shopify store with Google Ads

The number of inquiries in the search engine Google compared with previous years grew rapidly. Between shouts stay home and stay safe many consumers limited risk of shopping in markets to be safer – they choose online shopping. Many of them inserted it into their everyday routine. A return to longed-for by everyone normalities has not to be a return to full-time shopping in brick and mortar shops.

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Managing product information in Shopify using PIM AKENEO

What is needed to build a good and valuable Rich Card? When starting work on launching an online store, it is necessary to collect information about the products that we intend to sell. These are such information as: product name, product photo gallery, basic product description, product specification, manufacturer, product type, product flags, e.g. NEW, PROMOTION, product tags, product attributes e.g. COLOR, DIMENSION, …

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