Top 3 Shopify plugins for social media

Do you want to improve your social media activities? If you work on the Shopify platform, you have a lot of possibilities. Learn about 3 popular plugins that make Facebook and Instagram easier to use.

1. Facebook & Instagram Auto Post

If your daily activities include running social media channels, this application will help you improve your work on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and in the future Pinterest.

  • Easy to use – the average time to set up the application is only 2 minutes! The Post Studio plug-in allows you to choose a template of posts and quickly plan them and specify the time of publication. This is a great convenience for profiles where we publish a large amount of content every day or when our activities involve regular publication of content on several fan pages.
  • The ability to maintain a social media strategy – the option of combining accounts on different channels is simple, so maintaining consistency in communication is not a problem. The option of changing the template and product variables allows to adjust the message to the specifics of a particular channel on which the publication will take place.
  • Option of monitoring planned publications – the plug-in enables automation of posts, but it does not mean that we do not have control over what will be published on the channels. Before each campaign is approved, we will see a preview showing the final view of the posts – thanks to that we can have our hand on the pulse, while saving a lot of time.

Facebook & Instagram Auto Post is a plug-in available in three variants – FREE, an option that allows for free, daily publication of posts on Facebook and Twitter, provides the ability to plan one campaign and share random post templates, gives access to weekly promotional campaigns and provides support via chat. Another option is the PRO option, which includes all the possibilities that are included in the free version and the possibility of running up to 5 campaigns, automatic discounting, custom branding and unlimited posts. Price for the PRO version is $9.99 per month. The most expensive and at the same time the most extensive option is the UNLIMITED version containing the advantages of the PRO version, enabling integration with Instagram and the possibility of creating unlimited number of campaigns. The cost of the most advanced version of the plugin is $19.99 per month.


2. Facebook Messenger Marketing

Abandoned baskets are a problem that generates considerable losses. Facebook Messenger Marketing is an application that allows us to reduce them. After the consent of the user who has not completed the purchase process, we will be able to send him/her up to three messages encouraging them to complete the purchase. The application is also an ideal solution if we want to send messages to people who have not left us their email address.

  • possibility to react quickly to abandoned shopping baskets – the application allows not only to encourage to complete the purchase, but also to send discount offers – just one click to redirect the potential customer to the details of an attractive shopping offer
  • more effective than classic remarketing – classic remarketing ads are effective, but customer engagement through direct 1:1 messages translates into a much higher opening and click-through rate
  • customization option – the application allows to “track” the customers who made the purchase, which in turn translates into the option of continuing the relationship with the customer – sending him a bill for the purchase or asking for a review. If you are afraid that this form of contact may frustrate the recipients, the application provides a simple solution – the user receiving the messages may resign from them using the quick resignation option. Using the plug-in, you have the option to change the “No, thank you” unsubscribe text to a message that will better match the style of communication in your social media channels.

Facebook Messenger Marketing is available in 4 price versions. Each version has common options, which include the ability to add a discount widget, implement further actions after the purchase, including sending bills and an auto-response option. The difference between the 4 available options concerns the number of recipients to whom we can send a message in a given month. The STARTER option available for $9 per month allows you to send messages to 100 recipients, the SMB version for $19 per month allows you to send messages to 500 recipients. The PRO version provides the possibility of making contact with 1000 users. Its price is $29 per month. The most expensive option, available for $49 per month, is the PLUS version, which allows you to reach 2000 recipients

3. Instagram shop by SNPT

According to 2019 data, as many as 500 million people use Instagram every day, and more than 600 million people search and discover new products through this service. As you can see, Instagram is a channel that gives a lot of sales opportunities. If you want to use its potential, the Instagram shop application from SNPT will certainly be helpful.

  • Ease of use – the specifics of the plug-in’s operation are trivially simple – the application allows you to label products and instantly redirect to a product page, blog or general store page. Average plugin configuration time is 3 minutes! Just connect an account on Instagram to use the option to automatically download images from your shop/blog or other source. The application is ideal if you run a store channel offering products from the fashion/uroda/lifestyle category.
  • Shorter shopping distance – Instagram is a good place to publish attractive, “everyday” photos, presenting a specific product or service in use. A photo presenting e.g. styling using clothes available in our store in a daily setting will undoubtedly encourage potential customers more than a classic product photo. Instagram shop allows to combine attractive materials with sales. Interested people will be able to limit themselves to one click, without the need to go to a link placed in the bio, or to look for or ask what specific model of the product is in the photo.
  • Possibility of basing on materials generated by customers – the plug-in allows not only to shorten the shopping route, but also to base on what was made available by users who have already used the store’s offer. Having access to materials published by customers, you can not only present products on “live people”, but also interact more easily, thus strengthening the relationship with the community.

Instagram shop by SNPT is a free application. So you only need a few minutes to set up a plug-in with a channel on Instagram and boost sales, extending your activities to one of the most used social media channels today.

These 3 suggestions are just a drop in the ocean of possibilities that Shopify offers. These plugins allow you to easily streamline your social media operations, thereby benefiting both community relations and sales results.

Agnieszka Waliłko
Content specialist. Passionate about writing, she creates content and runs Social Media channels on a daily basis.

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