Shopify Liquid – beginner information

Shopify Liquid - beginner information

When we want to create an online store on the Shopify platform, we start by choosing the right template for our store. The template determines the look, functions and layout of the store. A properly selected template has a significant impact on the perception of our store by customers. Shopify templates are built using web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and most importantly using the Shopify Liquid template language.

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Shopify vs WooCommerce – key differences

The eCommerce market is one of the fastest growing commercial sectors in Poland. Limited access to stationary shopping caused by the pandemic has made more and more people like shopping online, and thus – a large number of entrepreneurs decided to move their businesses to the Internet. If you also face such a choice and wonder whether it is worth selling on the Internet and which engine to choose for your store – check out our guide. We discuss the most important differences between popular technologies functioning in eCommerce. We check for whom WooCommerce will work, and who should bet on Shopify.

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Returns in Shopify – how to automate them while contributing to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

How important are returns in eCommerce?
The current times of pandemic and consumer habit contribute to more frequent purchase decisions, often misplaced. Increased trust in online stores, new forms of payment, unavailability of malls on Sundays, fear of contagion and many other factors are increasing online sales while increasing returns. 

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Hydrogen Shopify – a React-based framework

Hydrorogen - a React-based framework

Recently, we have had a tremendous increase in new e-commerce opportunities, which allows us to operate without borders. Shopify itself works nonstop to improve and create amazing solutions for online stores. Recently, Shopify Unite 2021 took place, during which new explosive products were unveiled: Online Store 2.0, Metafields and others. The event combined a lot of information, a fresh approach and a whole lot of great proposals directing you to a simpler way to make your dreams come true in the context of the store and its functionality.

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