3 Proven Email Marketing Apps On Shopify

3 Proven Email Marketing Apps On Shopify

In this article we will look at various applications that will make it easier for you to use e-mail marketing.

E-mail marketing can be a great way to improve conversion and increase sales in your store. Besides being an effective form of sales, it is affordable and relatively easy to do.

It is worth noting that e-mail is a channel that you fully control. Your e-mail list is not exposed to unexpected changes in other companies. In uncertain times email is a safe way to reach customers who cannot visit you directly. Wherever your store window is, your e-mail list can be taken with you.

Enter the phrase in the Shopify App Store: “e-mail marketing” – it may turn out that choosing the right application from among several hundred items is quite a challenge. That’s why I’ll present you with 3 e-mail marketing applications which can be useful in your store.

1. Shopify Email

Shopify Email allows you to create and carry out e-mail marketing campaigns in Shopify Marketing. You can use email templates, existing brand resources and product content from the store. For this reason, creating different email campaigns is extremely easy. Furthermore, you can send emails using your domain name virtually without configuration.

Shopify Email contains the campaign analyses you need to measure effectiveness, including the opening and clicking rates of emails.

With Shopify Email you can:

  • Send emails to subscribers with just a few clicks – directly from the Shopify administrator’s level.
  • Save time with ready-made templates that automatically download your logo, product photos, descriptions, prices and URLs directly from your store
  • easily customize your email by editing text, buttons, images and more
  • import customer lists to Shopify
  • segment emails to make sure the right message reaches the right person
  • track results, including opening and click rates, products added to baskets and purchases

From 1 October 2020. The first 2500 e-mails sent each month will still be free of charge. After exceeding this level you will have to pay 1 USD for every 1000 e-mails sent.

2. Marketing e-mailowy Omnisend

An application that allows you to engage your subscribers with targeted, easy-to-create email templates containing various CTR enhancement elements.

The application provides:

  • 24/7 support – great support and helpful advice is available whenever you need it.
  • Possibility to connect e-mail with SMS and other channels to get more than 2 times more conversions without having to integrate multiple applications
  • efficient design of email templates without the need to give up the beautiful look with a drag & drop content editor
  • the possibility of using A/B tests, so you can find out which content, layout or photo is more suitable for your target group
  • Adding dynamic codes and coupons to help you increase your campaign effectiveness
  • Functional reports on data-based activities – you can compare your results daily, weekly or monthly and improve your activities by finding out which content was most popular and which configurations generated the most conversions to purchase.

You can try out all of Omnisend’s features for free for a 14-day trial period. After 14 days, you decide whether to keep the paid features or continue using the free plan to help you grow. Paid plans starting at $16 per month, based on the number of subscribers.

3. Seguno: Marketing e-mailowy

The application is free up to a certain level of contacts – more contacts with additional features are available according to the price list. While other applications are too complex to take full advantage of them, Seguno is designed to do more in less time. Thanks to this, creating intuitive and fast email templates in it is not a problem.


  • Seguno is natively integrated with both the Shopify administration and the mobile application.possibility of downloading the report on revenues generated by e-mail – you can see the details of conversion directly in your orders and in the detailed report for each of the e-mails sent
  • possibility of creating target customer segments
  • option of dynamic product recommendation
  • The opportunity to create custom e-mail templates – an attached library of e-mail templates, from which you can create your own.
  • Running a small store or small team means that time is your most valuable resource. Seguno was created to save your time
Adrian Longosz
Marketing Specialist at Brand Active. On a daily basis, he deals with marketing automation and sending e-mail marketing campaigns, he also specializes in Buzz marketing.

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