Why we chose Shopify?


The e-commerce market is one of the most dynamic and growing markets in the world. Millions of purchases are made every day, and we want to make customers think globally and start selling their products abroad. There are several platforms that offer services for stores operating in different markets, but Shopify offers the biggest number of possibilities.

There are a few main reasons why we chose this platform.

The first of them is that Shopify offers a great partnership program. We can offer our clients the best services, help and support them, and at the same time, we develop our own competences and use the huge substantive Shopify responses, working with the best specialists.

Simplicity is the second great advantage of Shopify. The entire management is very intuitive and problem-free. The panel meets the expectations of both groups- people who start their adventure with the world of online sales and people who are far more familiar with the subject.

Another feature of Shopify that makes it a reliable platform is the ability to quickly respond to changes. In any business there are unexpected situations that we cannot be predicted. Thanks to the intuitive panel, surprises are not so terrible, because most changes can be made with a few moves.

Readiness to start marketing activities and increase sales is another strong point. After implementing the products, preparing descriptions and adapting the graphics of the site to our preferences, marketing activities can be started very quickly and efficiently, which directly affects the increase in sales. In the panel one can very easily integrate the most popular marketing channels and start reaching new customers and sell more.


The next advantage of Shopify is the huge number of applications that are available in the store. There are over 1,200 of them, and new ones are still appear. Applications are free and paid, and each of them is 100% customized for Shopify, making them reliable. The choice is huge, the filtering options are very intuitive, and an additional advantage is the large number of opinions on each of them.

Another advantage is that Shopify integrates everything in one place – the whole site, payment, delivery, shopping cards and inventory to make it as easy as possible.

The seventh strong point is the professional help desk. Help panel is available 24/7, which means that it is not important from which place in the world you write, Shopify team is always able to answer questions and help solve the issue. Each chat conversation with a consultant is sent to our email box, so we can return to it at any time.

We are convinced that Shopify is one of the best tools to increase sales and operations in foreign markets. It has many advantages that make the shop on this platform not only easy to use for the owner of the online store, but also gives a huge opportunity to everyone who wants to increase sales and enter the next level of marketing – people like us, Brand Active team. These are main reasons why we chose Shopify.

Zofia Komada
Head of Sales at Brand Active. Associated with the eCommerce industry for 7 years, she advises foreign and Polish clients in the selection of an online store system. She conducts consultations within Shopify Plus, presenting the platform's capabilities, its strengths, competitive advantages, but also limitations. She coordinated implementation and marketing activities, including in the projects Decathlon, La Perla Clinic, Lestello, Manufaktura in Bolesławiec or Viola Hair Extensions.

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