Germany imposes a fee on foreign online stores

Online stores that send goods to Germany in boxes, transparencies or bubble envelopes must face serious changes in regulations. If they do not adapt to them, they will pay high fines.


From January 2019, the Packaging Act (VerpackG) will become applicable in Germany. Companies that deliver goods in boxes, foil or bubble envelopes (mainly online stores) from abroad will have to register at Stiftung Zentrale Stelle Verpackungsregister- this is the official register of packaging. Only two and a half months left to make a free entry. The problem is that the awareness of native entrepreneurs trading in Germany regarding the new regulations is small. In the meantime, whoever does not register will have to pay up to 100,000 euros of penalties.


A free entry can be made at


The Act obliges not only to register, but also to declare the type and weight of packaging, which the company will introduce to the German market during the year. A recycling fee will be charged. How much will it take? For example, if you enter 6,000 kg of packaging, it will be 87.5 euros. Additional reporting obligations will rest with sellers who bring at least 50 tons of paper or cardboard per year to the German market.


Additional reporting obligations will apply to sellers who bring to the German market at least 50 tons of paper or cardboard per year.

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