Barcamp for Brand Active managers

We might often hear about the worth that comes with training, workshops and developing our competences. Nowadays, the work-life balance principle should prevail, because only golden means can make us efficient and motivated. During the restrictions caused by the pandemic and the lockdowns we were all already tired and each of us tried to give as much of ourselves as we could, but how to be creative when we work alone, closed in our homes? We analyzed this time and came up with a new proposal for our managers, there were many goals, but only one that prevailed- taking a breath and talking to experts about our know-how. 


We spent an intensive 3 days in Bieszczady mountains, in a beautiful place away from current matters. What goals did we set ourselves?


– to find out more about ourselves, thanks to that we cooperate more effectively

to communicate better inside and outside, we minimize the risk of communication misunderstandings during projects

– to recognize our roles as managers and thus as superiors, thanks to which we are good leaders, able to manage and motivate people

how to quickly get to know our clients, identify their personalities, motivations and needs, and thus adapt our style of conversation and subsequent management to them

to be aware of such things as  project,  project management, agility, so we can adapt it all into our projects and manage projects professionally


We invited specialists to the workshop, to whom we asked many questions, they also asked us a lot! We wanted not only a solid dose of knowledge, but also a substantial discussion about the cases we meet every day. The first day passed on our journey, and its culmination was a workshop with Iwona Lesiewska, who tested us on our knowledge  and showed the direction in building the position of a Leader. The next day, the communication specialist presented to us that the form of communication is in itself an invaluable business tool. On the third day our CEO Marcin Rudzik gave us the secrets of project management knowledge in an effective way. Each stage of our barcamp was surrounded by a beautiful landscape and our own company – this gave us a moment of breathing space after a long time of isolation . We learned that motivation, training and integration do not have to be three separate areas in the life of the team and have the potential to become an integral part of it all. We came back with a smile on our faces, full of creativity and new ideas, and most of all, substantially ready for new challenges!

Agnieszka Pańczak
Office Manager at Brand Active. On a daily basis, she coordinates the office's work. As part of PR activities, he organizes events and takes care of contact with the media.

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