Shopify Plus why is it not worth using?

Shopify Plus why it is not worth to use?

Shopify is currently the most rapidly growing eCommerce platform in the subscription model (SaaS). The system is available in several packages and pricing options. In the following article, we will focus on discussing the different capabilities of Shopify depending on the package and present which license depending on the stage of development of the eCommerce business is optimal for the customer.


Current Shopify price list:


Stores on Shopify are available in 4 different packages:

  • Basic ($29.00)
  • Shopify ($79.00)
  • Advanced ($299.00)PLUS ($2000.00)


Each package differs in the features available or the infrastructure of the system. The Basic, Shopify and Advanced packages differ in their architecture. The main differences in functionality between each package are:


Staff accounts (Number of available accounts for users)
Inventory locations (Number of related stores / warehouses)
Shopify payments (Rate, the higher the plan, the lower the commission rate to be paid)


Shopify payments


By choosing a package from Shopify Basic to Shopify Advanced, you get a range of options available in the system. Shopify has an extensive App Store, which is available to all users regardless of plan. We can expand the system with any app available on the App Store. Keep in mind that some apps are only available in paid plans.


Applications can be divided depending on their use:

–  marketing (e-mail marketing, marketing automation, facebook, google)
– logistics (couriers, POS)
– payments
– editing products (mass editing of products, assigning tags)
– store expansion or modification (adding new functionalities, search engine expansion, filter expansion, adding new modules, etc…)

appstore with all available applications is available at the following link:


Shopify Plus capabilities


Shopify Plus is different from the standard Shopify licenses. Below is a breakdown of the most important ones. The cost of Shopify Plus is $2,000:

Number of instances available

Within 1 Shopify Plus license, we are able to create up to 9 instances on Shopify. Within 1 license we are able to create up to 9 online stores.


Shopify Flow


This is a solution for creating dependencies between the actions taken by customers on the store page and automatic actions. In short, it allows you to create automations that start working under the influence of actions performed by users or conditions defined by us. They are most often used to automate the work of online store maintenance.


Examples of use:


ending a notification when a given product reaches stock level 0 or a threshold defined by us sending information to a courier company or logistic agent about an order, which will be handled by them automatic sending of discount codes to users.




This application is only available on the Shopify Plus plan. It allows you to plan, create and coordinate promotional actions on your store. For example, creating a discount on a product, changing a banner or activating a POP-UP.




Transporter is an application dedicated to those entrepreneurs who are changing
sales engine of their store and are starting the migration to Shopify Plus. Regardless of the environment from which the transition is to take place, the application is designed to facilitate the entire process. By using Transporter, it is possible to migrate both the customer base, products and the order list.




Shopify Plus offers twice the number of queries over the API. This allows for faster performance of external applications and thus faster loading of the store itself.


Administration panel


Shopify Plus allows you to create accounts in the administration panel without any
restrictions (the basic plans place restrictions in this regard).


Shopify Scripts


Allows you to customize your Checkout with Shopify Scripts. These are code snippets that allow you to create additional functionality at the checkout stage. E.g. editing payments, deliveries (adding InPost map), adding discount code etc., or adding tracking scripts.


Shopify Plus, why is it not worth using?


If you’re thinking of choosing Shopify as your first sales platform, the basic plans (Basic to Advanced) will be the optimal solution for you. Shopify comes with a ready-made infrastructure, sales monitoring tools, an extensive appstore and hosting included in the subscription price. So if you are pressed for time, have a smaller budget and are thinking about several foreign markets (e.g. Polish, German, English), integration with Baselinker and other systems, then Shopify in the basic plan will be the optimal solution.


Shopify Plus – for whom is the solution?


Shopify Plus costs $2,000 per month. The system is dedicated to conscious customers who are leaders in their industry or aspire to be so in the future. By opting for Shopify Plus, customers are generally ready to implement the best solutions available on the eCommerce market such as Shopify Scripts, Shopify Flow or increasing the number of API requests.

Shopify Plus also provides the ability to connect to systems such as ERP, WMS, PIM, marketplace, and many others.




Shopify Plus is still a relatively high monthly cost for smaller online stores. Therefore, for online store owners with smaller sales, the Shopify features in the Basic to Advanced standard are completely sufficient.

If you opt for Shopify Plus, the most important features you get are the ability to create up to 9 instances within 1 Shopify Plus license, Shopify Scripts that allow you to edit and customize your checkout, doubled API query time reduction, and much more.

Grzegorz Sękowski
E-Commerce Manager at Brand Active. On a daily basis, he coordinates the activities of marketing specialists, e-commerce audits, implements sales on the marketplace and price comparison websites. Privately, owner of the Napnell bedding brand.

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