Quarterly meeting at Brand Active

On July 15 another quarterly meeting took place. This time, due to the almost 20-strong team, the meeting was organized in the Rzeszów B&B Hotel. 


The purpose of such meetings is not only to summarize the activities we have implemented in the past quarter and the goals we have managed to meet, but also to get to know a new strategy and challenges we will face in the coming months.


Quarterly meetings, attended by the entire Brand Active team, have been a tradition for years. It is a key moment for the board, managers and specialists to verify the company strategy. Thanks to the strategy, which is visible and specific for everyone, it is easier for everyone to prioritize tasks and projects, not only external but also internal ones. Marcin Rudzik, CEO of Brand Active Sp. z o.o..

Mateusz Rybka
Community Builder in Brand Active As part of PR activities, he organizes events and takes care of contact with the media. Motorsport enthusiast. His interests are sales and marketing.

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