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In the e-commerce era, automation and the search for new channels to reach the customer is the key to achieving more sales and reducing store workload. As the scale increases, the e-commerce manager should think about implementing automation to some of the marketing activities. In this article I will present some proven marketing automation tools and describe how they are applied on the Shopify platform.

The Shopify system has several built-in applications to automate marketing including:


1. Abandoned checkout emails by Shopify


An application allows you to send an e-mail with products with abandoned baskets, which are realized in 2 ways:


Manual e-mailing

The manual mailing of products from an abandoned shopping cart is set from the Shopify level:


Orders Abandoned checkouts, thanks to which we manually select the customer to whom we want to send an email with the products from the abandoned basket.


Automatic action

The automatic action allows you to automate the sending of e-mails with an abandoned basket.

Settings > Checkout > Abandoned checkouts. The application allows you to create two shipping conditions, for users who have been subscribed to the list of subscribers of the store and for all users who have abandoned their shopping cart:

  • Anyone who abandons a checkout
  • Email subscribers who abandon a checkout


When choosing the type of shipping, please remember the law, in the European Union countries it is not possible to send emails without prior marketing permission. In this case, the recommended option is: Email subscribers who abandon a checkout.

Shipping time

The time of sending an email with an abandoned shopping cart is another success factor. In the case of Shopify system, the recommended option is 10 h.

Options that allow Shopify:

Never. You can still manually send an email to customers.

1 hour later

6 hours later

10 hours later

24 hours later 


Shopify also allows you to download the full report of the emails sent. The analysis will give you a better understanding of the abandonment rate. You can also see information such as conversion rates, total sales amount, average order value, average number of products sold or number of customers buying for the first time.


2. Seguno: Email marketing

Comprehensive application for sending Newsletters and creating automation.

The application allows you to manage your mailings from the Shopify level.


The application allows you to create many scenarios of marketing automation:


Subscriber activity – automatic sending of newsletters based on the action performed on the site:


  • Coming soon – Welcome subscribers before a store premiere and encourage them to follow the store opening.
  • Welcome – Welcome message for new subscribers.
  • Discount reminder – Remind subscribers about the expiring discount code.
  • Commerce activity – Automatic contact with subscribers based on purchasing activity.
  • Abandoned checkout – Sending an e-mail with an abandoned shopping cart.
  • New purchaser – Thanks for making your first purchase.
  • Repeat purchaser – Thanks for making your second purchase.
  • Review request – A request to give feedback on recently purchased products.
  • Lapsed purchaser – Win Back Rule activates users who have not been on the site for months.


Tag-triggered action – automatic sending of the newsletter after adding a specific tag.


Tag-triggered – This option allows you to create an automatic Newsletter, which will be sent after adding the appropriate tag to the contact.


3. SMSBump SMS + MMS Marketing Shopify



SMS Bump is the most popular application for marketing and SMS automation in Shopify. Tens of thousands of Shopify and Shopify Plus sellers launch, develop and manage SMS marketing via SMS Bump. The application ensures compliance with TCPA and RODO. It enables the creation of SMS / MMS marketing campaigns (text with image). It integrates with all major Shopify applications for reviews, UGC, loyalty, ESP, subscription services, helpdesks etc.


The application enables creation:

  • SMS Flows – creating SMS and MMS campaigns and automating them.
  • ROI Powered Text automations – automation of return on investment, including a reminder of an abandoned basket and reactivation of customers.
  • MMS support – increase conversion by sending PNG or GIF (only for US customers).
  • A/B tests – launch A/B tests for testing various creations.
  • Full support and tracking of Shopify discount codes + individual discount codes Planning SMS campaigns.
  • Opt out lists – Tracking customers without subscription.
  • Shopify POS – Collecting subscribers from stationary stores and launching targeted campaigns.


The Shopify platform, thanks to the rich App Store, offers a wide range of applications for marketing automation. Particularly noteworthy are Seguno: E-mail marketing and Push Owl Web Push Notification. These 2 applications enable 

Grzegorz Sękowski
E-Commerce Manager at Brand Active. On a daily basis, he coordinates the activities of marketing specialists, e-commerce audits, implements sales on the marketplace and price comparison websites. Privately, owner of the Napnell bedding brand.

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