Online Store Translation – 6 Top Tips

Shopify Translations

Do you have your own business on the Internet, but you only reach Polish clients?  

Thanks to increasing globalization, you can you can also expand your activities to foreign markets. The first step to do this action, will be to translate an online store you already own. However, how to do it correctly? What should be remembered in order not to overpay on the one hand, and on the other to ensure the highest possible effectiveness of such action? We dispel your doubts! 

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Managing product information in Shopify using PIM AKENEO

What is needed to build a good and valuable Rich Card? When starting work on launching an online store, it is necessary to collect information about the products that we intend to sell. These are such information as: product name, product photo gallery, basic product description, product specification, manufacturer, product type, product flags, e.g. NEW, PROMOTION, product tags, product attributes e.g. COLOR, DIMENSION, …

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Shopify storefront signage – support your online business

The current situation related to the COVID-19 pandemic has caused Shopify creators and developers to constantly look for ways to promote online stores. To meet the needs of stationary store owners, they have created a free module that allows you to generate a QR code redirecting to the website of the online store. In practice, the information with the code is to encourage people visiting stationary stores to shop online and inform them about the possibility of doing so.

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