Shopify Plus Partner Program benefits – how does it work?

Shopify Plus Partner Program Benefits - How Does It Work?

Shopify offers two types of partner program for companies and agencies that implement online stores on this SaaS engine – Shopify Partners and Shopify Plus Partner Program. In this article, we will talk about the benefits of working with an agency affiliated with the Shopify Plus Partner Program.


What is the Shopify Plus Partnership?

Brand Active as a Shopify agency is an official Shopify Plus Partner in Poland. We obtained this title in October 2022, previously belonging to the group of companies associated under the Shopify Partners program for nearly four years.


Shopify Plus Partner Program is dedicated to design agencies, IT, eCommerce, digital agencies, companies specializing in integrations, building applications or dedicated solutions that improve the operation of online stores. A certified Shopify Plus Partner must meet a number of requirements to join this group – first of all, ensure the highest level of services they provide, have certified specialists, undergo Shopify Plus training on individual components, elements of the platform, and have extensive knowledge of Shopify Plus functionality.


Companies that belong to the Shopify Plus Partner Program are characterized by the fact that they provide comprehensive business solutions or specialize in one specific activity. When looking for the right Shopify Plus Partner for your needs, you can count on support in the following areas:


  • UX/UI of the store
  • migrations from various platforms (such as Magento, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, 2ClickShop or IdoSell)
  • programming implementations
  • building dedicated applications (incl
  • creating cross-system integrations
  • digital marketing


Before a given company receives the status of Shopify Plus Partner, it goes through the verification and approval stage. After going through the whole process, a new certified Shopify Plus Partner receives its own dedicated subpage in the catalog – Brand Active also has such a page.


Benefits of participating in the Shopify Plus Partner Program


Brand Active is an official Shopify Plus Partner in Poland, which brings benefits both for us and, above all, for our customers. What does our Shopify Plus partnership mean for the store owners we work with? Well:


1) Access to priority support
2) Creating projects in test environments (this means saving at the initial stage of design work)
3) Access to a dedicated help center
4) Access to the closed Shopify Plus expert community


The benefits of participating in the program also include the fact that Brand Active, together with Shopify, has the opportunity to create official events (such as Shopify Meetup, which we organized several times), articles (I encourage you to verify our blog and podcast about Shopify, where we share knowledge and our experience) or substantive ebooks.



Official Shopify Plus Partner in Poland


Brand Active, as the official Shopify Plus Partner in Poland, also has a dedicated supervisor, to whom he can, for example, provide ideas for improvements, Shopify Plus optimizations or consult any topics related to the platform that arise at the stage of sales and later the project itself.


When choosing a partner to implement an online store on the Shopify Plus platform, it is worth being guided by portfolio, experience, but above all, bet on cooperation with an agency that is certified by Shopify Plus – this proves its skills and quality of services.

Zofia Komada
Head of Sales at Brand Active. Associated with the eCommerce industry for 7 years, she advises foreign and Polish clients in the selection of an online store system. She conducts consultations within Shopify Plus, presenting the platform's capabilities, its strengths, competitive advantages, but also limitations. She coordinated implementation and marketing activities, including in the projects Decathlon, La Perla Clinic, Lestello, Manufaktura in Bolesławiec or Viola Hair Extensions.

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