Our support for NGOs during a difficult time – pandemic COVID-19

Support Covid Brand Active

The world is fighting with Coronavirus. We are working remotely and look on with concern. We are grateful to people, who are working hard to keep us secure and healthy. You are our heroes. You have our mental support!

We offer free services over the next 3 months to NGOs, medical assistance institutions and other organizations which fight with COVID-19.




If you need graphics, design, illustrations or print – let us know.



We can crate a professional template e-mail and send to your data e-mails, safe form SPAM. We use tools: GetResponseMailerLiteSALESmanago.



This is our main service. We create online stores for Polish and global markets. The online store is a great place to present products (catalog), not only to sell. We use the platforms: Shopify (global) and Shoper (Poland). In addition Shopify has a special offer amid the pandemic, here.



In our team there are: e-commerce specialists, marketing specialists, developers and designers. If you have an idea how we can help you let us know.

If you have questions please feel free to reach out to us at info@brandactive.co

Take a look, what other support is offered by technology companies from around the world, here https://www.techtotherescue.org/


Support Covid Brand Active

Marcin Rudzik
CEO at the Brand Active e-commerce agency, creator of the podcast "Merytorycznie o eCommerce", e-commerce mentor in AIP Incubators. He regularly appears at conferences and writes articles for industry magazines. A passionate firefighter in the Volunteer Fire Department.

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