What forms of advertising for new online stores?

In e-commerce we currently distinguish 2 tools from which the stores benefit most – increasing sales. These are Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Contrary to appearances, both tools attract slightly different audiences. Namely, Google Ads gathers around it those who already know what they are looking for. In turn, Facebook Ads is a great tool for creating an audience that is most interested in the store’s offer and willing to buy. Success lies in the low cost of gaining a steady movement of those interested and punching them into regular customers. How to do that?

1. Find the audience

Starting with the Google Ads tool, the first thing we focus on is finding the right recipients and generating the most traffic.
For this purpose, it is essential that you familiarize yourself with the Keyword Planner, which will help you create a list of the most frequently searched phrases for your store.

On the basis of them you can create the first text campaign in the search network, directing to a specific offer of your store.
If you are at the beginning of the creative process, start by entering your domain and find out the passwords by which it can be found in the Google search engine.
An example of a text ad using a phrase: compression knee socks may look like this:

If you want to gain a larger audience at low cost, remember about the campaign in the advertising network. To target your ad to a specific target group, use the section: Recipients and select those who best suit your offer.
When setting up the group, do not forget to choose the option: “Targeting”, which will limit the display of the ad to the recipients of your choice.


These are only sample settings for a green store:



2. Show your advantage

According to the Bisnode Polska report, in 2018 the number of online stores in Poland exceeded 30 thousand. Practically each of them carries out smaller or larger advertising activities. To break through the thicket of competition, you need to show your strengths. For example, you are a producer, you create something by hand, you support social activities (so-called CSR activities), you import products from another country, rarely available in Poland – all this can distinguish you and it is worth emphasizing it in your campaigns.

Search network:



Advertising network:




3. Let yourself be liked

Use the previously prepared assets to campaign for liking the store’s fanpage. You will find this option by choosing the campaign goal: Favorite the site.


Example creation for likes and dislikes:




4. Take care of returning customers. Thanks to them – you will earn more!

Delivery in 24 hours, free shipping/return/consultation, good day discount etc. Before you prepare your own strategy, look at how the competition does it and present your own alternative.


Google Ads:




Facebook Ads:


Carousel advertising:



A sample product catalog for a remarketing group:


The choice of advertising forms for new online stores is huge. Each of them brings a lot of traffic to the store, and skillfully conducted communication pierces potential customers into regular customers. Test each option and in a short time you will see for yourself what brings the greatest benefits to your business.
Let’s do it!

Ewelina Grzona
PPC Specialist. For over 8 years associated with the SEM industry. Passionate about numbers, especially multiplication - traffic, conversion and customer revenue. On a daily basis, he creates and optimizes campaigns in Google Ads and Facebook Ads, squeezing the maximum out of them with a minimum customer contribution.

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