Develop your Shopify store with Google Ads

The number of inquiries in the search engine Google compared with previous years grew rapidly. Between shouts stay home and stay safe many consumers limited risk of shopping in markets to be safer – they choose online shopping. Many of them inserted it into their everyday routine. A return to longed-for by everyone normalities has not to be a return to full-time shopping in brick and mortar shops.

What is the situation at the moment?

At the moment we are already talking about the transformation of the consumer. In reference to KPMG examinations and quoting Andrzej Musiała – already three times more consumers of the KPMG examination (height from the 5% up to the 17%) admitted that he would be using special websites, of application whether web chats as the main communication channel in the new reality. Simultaneously as far as about 14 p.p. the number of people fell declaring the visit in the stationary shop, as the reason for getting the necessary assistance.*
Customers are searching for new shoes, electronic equipment, gifts for special occasions whether simply of interesting promotions – on the Internet. The convenience of the shopping online will stay with us for ages in the post pandemic world. Did you think even once, how it influenced your business? What changes took place in behaviours of your previous customers and what can you do to not lose their interest?
Numerous conveniences, in which online shops are competing, such as free delivery or advanced return system won’t cause that you will reach the substantial number of recipients. If you haven’t used the option Google Shopping yet, you don’t see your key clients which will use the offer of the … competition.


And they all could use your offer, couldn’t they?
Google Shopping enables customers searching, the inspection and comparing products in which they are interested in. It is an excellent space for singling your assortment out!

Toolkit which will help you to develop your Shopify store

All you need is integrating your shop with the shop window of Google Shopping.
For that purpose use the following tools: the Merchant Center Google, the Google Ads and the Google Analytics.

1. Google Merchant Center


It is a tool, thanks to which you will update the latest information about your products – like the photo, the price or the availability. The Google Merchant Center will also enable the presentation of your products in paid and free channels in the space of Google. Systematically it will keep you informed about products thrown away and mistakes which you can fix.

2. Google Ads


Let’s reach new and ex-customers with paid PPC campaigns. Thanks to that tool your products will start turning up at the Google space, among others into the Google Shopping!
Don’t let your offer pass your prospect by!

3. Google Analytics


It is a free service, thanks to which you will get to know more about your customers, you will understand their purchase behaviours, you will trace seasonal tendencies, and most importantly – you will measure the circulation of funds for campaigns Google Ads along with their return on investment. Google Analytics is a real mine of knowledge which you can discover ad infinitum. Advanced reports will cause that nothing will escape your notice.
These are basic tools, which into the appropriate manner joined to oneself will unwind your shop, moreover taking to pieces the machine which is also accelerating the sale from alternative sources. These are so-called assisted conversions, of which you will also trace the value into Google Analytics.

Cherry on top – connection with Shopify

Let’s go back to your Shopify shop. There is an important step head of us, i.e. connecting our tools with the shop. Forming the Google channel in the panel of the shop will be essential. You can in the simple way put it in from the official Shopify front-page:

Google channel will let you synchronize the products from Google Merchant Center. By the configuration correctly carried out your assortment automatically will be being updated with Google.

From this level you can also run paid campaigns Google Ads – after connecting with this tool. However in practice you will find more options in the Google Ads panel of course.

Be vigilant, when the competition is not asleep!

You already know, how purchase behaviours of your ex-, current and future customers changed. Discussed above tools, are creating the cohesive integrity, which configured into the appropriate manner will help you to unwind your Shopify store. Use the power of Google and functionalities that Shopify offers for their sellers. If you are still hesitating above bringing it into effect in your business, remember … the competition is already there!

Are you ready? 😉

Adrianna Ziobro
PPC Specialist at Brand Active. On a daily basis, she deals with the creation and management of PPC campaigns and their optimization, following current trends and meeting customer expectations.

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