Shopify Scripts- what can we achieve using this app?


Shopify Plus is a solution for Enterprise customers who are looking for a sales engine that gives them the ability to scale their e-business, follows trends in the e-commerce world and has functionalities that make the store a thriving source of sales.


Shopify Scripts – what is it?


Shopify Scripts is an advanced tool available to users of the Shopify Plus platform, enabling the creation of custom scripts and the automation of various aspects of an online store. It operates on three levels: orders, shipping, and payments, allowing entrepreneurs to customize the purchasing process, cart functionality, pricing, and promotions. These scripts are based on code snippets, facilitating precise customization of offerings, which is particularly crucial for businesses seeking advanced solutions in e-commerce.


Shopify Script Editor – Apps for Shopify Plus stores

One of these functionalities mentioned in the context of Shopify Plus stores is Shopify Scripts.

This application was built on the basis of code fragments, thanks to which the entrepreneur can create non-standard solutions in his store. Scripts work on three levels:

  • Line item scripts
  • Shipping scripts
  • Payment scripts


1) Volume discount

The store begins cleaning warehouses in connection with the upcoming premiere of new products that will soon appear on the site. The store owner therefore wants to offer his customers a quantity discount and thus encourage them to buy more products that he wants to sell. The mechanism is to work on the principle: the more you buy, the greater the discount you will receive, e.g. 2 pieces = 10% discount, 3 pieces = 15% discount etc.

Thanks to the use of Shopify Scripts from the first discussed group, we can build a dependency, where the discount depends on the number of specific products in the basket.



2) Discount for a set order

The Marketing Department of the clothing store has planned an action on the basis of which they present comprehensive stylizations for summer evenings in social media. The idea is that the customer who buys all the products that make up the proposed styling will receive a 10% discount. If they abandon any component, the discount should not be applied. This action is to encourage customers to buy complete sets created by stylists.

By implementing the script, the store owner will be able to define groups of products, the purchase of which will be associated with a specific discount.



3) BOGO (Buy One Get One) discount

One of the products that went on sale did not meet the interest of customers. The store owner would still like to reduce his inventory and reduce losses (the product has already generated design, production, advertising and warehousing costs). An action has been planned, where the customer has the option of adding the aforementioned product with a 30% discount to each order. Such action is to encourage purchase and increase the likelihood of being added to the cart.

Thanks to Shopify Scripts, it is possible to create a rule on the basis of which, when adding a product (it can be a specific group of them or all available in the store) to the cart, a message will automatically appear about the possibility of adding another (indicated earlier at the stage of creating the script) with an appropriate discount .



4) Discount for a specific group of customers

Over the course of several months, the store has gained popularity among customers who are willing to come back and repeat their purchases. Therefore, it was decided that the group of those who placed more than five orders will be marked as the one that deserves special thanks in the form of a discount.

Each of these customers (registered in the store) is marked as gold and when they add a product to the cart, they receive an automatic 10% discount.

By using a script operating at the ordering stage, we have the ability to create groups of customers, which are tagged with any tags, such as the aforementioned gold. The discount value to be assigned to the given group is also defined for the indicated marking.


Shopify Scripts – Shipping Stage

The group of scripts at the shipping stage includes those that allow you to define shipping forms for specific groups of products or to grant a discount. In the case of these scripts, it is also worth indicating specific examples of their use:


1) Shipping cost depends on the country of delivery

In connection with signing a contract with a new courier company, the store owner must update the price list of his deliveries. He wants customers from one country, after entering their address and indicating the postal code, to have access only to the prices that have been defined for their destination. Therefore, customers from Poland will see one price, and those from Canada will see another.

With Shopify Scripts, we can create rules and specific shipping price lists for specific countries, so that customers from certain countries / regions will be charged the appropriate shipping fee.



2) Free delivery for a specific group of products

An advertising campaign for the new collection of products has been planned. Communication in this area is also such that when buying these things, the customer can count on free delivery – this is another aspect that is to encourage people to buy and motivate them to make a purchase decision.

By using the script, we can define a group of products within which free delivery will apply. At the same time, noting that it ceases to apply when the basket includes products that are not included in the action.



3) Discount on shipping cost

The store owner who created a discount for a specific customer base (gold) on the basis of the first group of scripts, would like to offer them not only a discount on products, but also on the cost of delivery. In this way, he wants to emphasize even more that they belong to the group of loyal and returning customers who are therefore assigned not one discount, but two.

By using Shopify Scripts, you can create a relationship between one discount group and another and define tagged groups that are eligible for a specific shipping discount code.



Shopify Scripts – Payment Stage


Thanks to the use of scripts at the checkout stage, the Shopify Plus store owner can edit the names or the order in which specific payment methods are displayed. It is worth emphasizing that payment scripts do not work with those providers whose gateway is activated before checkout, eg Apple Pay. Examples of use are described below:


1) Changing the order of displaying payment gateways

The Analytical Department conducted research on the preferred forms of payment on the foreign market, where sales under internationalization are to begin in the coming months. From the report, it is clear that one of the payment gateways should be particularly highlighted and indicated as the main one, therefore the owner wants it to be displayed to customers first, regardless of other factors.

By implementing Shopify Scripts responsible for payment modifications, we can define the order in which specific payment methods appear and decide on their own about their setting, based on our own preferences or based on market conditions.



2) Changing the name of the payment gateway

Due to the fact that the official name of the implemented payment gateway does not raise trust among store customers, one of the service employees suggested to simplify it and add the information ‘instant transfer’. This action is aimed at convincing undecided buyers to choose this gateway and emphasizing which payment method they will have contact with.

Only by owning Shopify Plus and implementing Shopify Scripts, the store owner has the ability to edit, change, and add phrases to the official names of the implemented payment methods.



3) Defining payment gateways per customer

Very favorable commission conditions have been negotiated with one of the payment providers. However, store managers would not want to offer this gate to each of the customers, but select a group of buyers to whom this form will be displayed at the checkout stage. They want to first examine its popularity and only then decide whether to implement it globally.

Shopify Script at this stage allows you to define specific groups of customers (e.g. the aforementioned customers with the gold tag), which, in addition to standard payment methods, will display an additional one, selected by the store owner.



Shopify Script Editor – Create and manage scripts


The scripts are based on the Shopify Scripts API. The editor allows you to create, edit, manage and later publish the scripts themselves. It is also particularly important that before implementing a specific script for production, the whole thing can be additionally verified thanks to the test and debugging functions.


Shopify Scripts API – how does it work?


The Shopify Scripts API is a set of programming interfaces that allows developers to add custom functionalities and integrations to Shopify stores. The API is only available to merchants using the Shopify Plus plan.


To use the Shopify Scripts API, one must first create a script. A script is Ruby code that is compiled and executed by Shopify. Scripts can be used to modify the behavior of the store in any way, such as adding new features, integrating with external services, or customizing the store’s appearance.


To create a script, the Script Editor application must be used. This application is available on the Shopify App Store. After launching the application, one should choose the type of script they want to create. The available script types include:


Payment Scripts – these scripts can modify the display and functionality of payment methods in the store.
Shipping Scripts – these scripts can modify the display and functionality of shipping options in the store.
Cart Scripts – these scripts can modify the display and functionality of the shopping cart in the store.
Order Scripts – these scripts can modify the display and functionality of orders in the store.
Page Scripts – these scripts can modify the display of any page in the store.


The Shopify Scripts API is a powerful tool that enables merchants to customize their stores in any way. However, it is essential to note that scripts can impact the store’s performance. Therefore, they should be created and executed with caution.


Shopify Scripts – why is it worth it?


Many entrepreneurs who started out within one of Shopify’s core plans (i.e. Basic, Shopify, or Shopify Advanced) choose to switch to Shopify Plus as e-business grows. The use of Shopify Scripts allows you to build unusual solutions, thanks to which you can develop discount systems, supporting sales and making the store’s offer more attractive for customers. The decisive advantage of these scripts is also the fact that they allow you to edit payment forms (their names or display order), which may additionally accelerate the purchase decision and have a real impact on the conversion rate.

Zofia Komada
Head of Sales at Brand Active. Associated with the eCommerce industry for 7 years, she advises foreign and Polish clients in the selection of an online store system. She conducts consultations within Shopify Plus, presenting the platform's capabilities, its strengths, competitive advantages, but also limitations. She coordinated implementation and marketing activities, including in the projects Decathlon, La Perla Clinic, Lestello, Manufaktura in Bolesławiec or Viola Hair Extensions.

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