Natsana x Brand Active – Nature Love just got Plusss’ed!

Natsana x Brand Active – Nature Love just got Plusss’ed!

Introducing the brand new Shopify Plus store for NATURE LOVE – a haven for health-conscious souls. We’ve worked our magic to make shopping for natural health supplements as smooth as sipping herbal tea.


The goal

Nature Love as Natsana brand aims to deliver the highest quality of health supplements on German market. And now in order to level up and meet advanced expansion requirements, the company decided to base the brand new store on Shopify Plus.


With a passion for holistic well-being and a drive to bring nature’s goodness to the German market, Nature Love’s mission resonated with us right from the start!


Shopify Plus implementation

1000+ man-hour project over less than 3 months in order to meet a deadline? Shopify’s short time-to-market has been praised multiple times but here you have tangible proof for this! Vitamin C won’t make magic in 3 months but our seamless communication and shoulder-to-shoulder cooperation with Natsana did!


Our Shopify Plus magic isn’t just about the visual appeal; it’s also about seamlessly integrating technology to enhance the user experience:


  • Complex ERP integration – checked
  • Replacing various apps with native Shopify Plus functions to increase speed and cut expenses – checked
  • Performance improvement – checked
  • Hungry for more? – full case study to be reveled soon!



Nature Love’s new store boasts lightning-fast load times, mobile responsiveness that’s smoother than aloe vera gel, and a hassle-free checkout that’ll leave you grinning.


This collaboration is just the beginning of Nature Love’s journey on Shopify Plus. With the flexibility and scalability of this platform, the sky’s the limit!


We’re proud to have played a part in bringing their vision to life, and we’re excited to see how this partnership flourishes in the digital landscape.

Jakub Sakowski
E-commerce business consultant, team leader, SaaS expert, and public speaker @Brand Active. After-hours endurance sports freak. With 8 years of experience in sales of SaaS products and services, I advise e-commerce businesses on how to choose the right technology path in order to build a sustainable business online. My superpower? I speak Italian :)

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