UX / UI design

UX / UI design
UX/UI Design
UX/UI Design

UX/UI Design

We create friendly and useful projects for online stores. Before starting a graphic project, we examine users' behaviour on the website by means of eye-tracking analysis, competition analysis and analytical tools. After preparing the guide book, we begin to model the site based on wireframe technology. Projects are carried out in the latest trends, assuming mobile first. The final product of our work are graphic layouts based on user experience.


UX Design realizations

BioBabalscy design dektop UI Design

UI Design Desktop realizations

BioBabalscy design dektop UI Mobile

UX Design Mobile realizations

BioBabalscy design mobile UX Design

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UX Design

UX Design

When designing the graphic layout for online stores, we take care of every aspect of the feeling of navigating on your website. We research the feelings of users and their expectations and adjust the appearance of the store to their needs. We start UX projects with mock-ups, in which we select the order of elements, appearance, arrangement of buttons and elements, all these factors ultimately affect the reception of your website and the final decision to buy products.

User Experience Design

Wireframing and prototyping

Google Analytics behavior analysis

Eyetracking analysis

Selection and arrangement of key store elements

UI Design

UI Design

Based on the prepared mock-ups and User Experience analysis, we prepare the final store layouts. The experience of our UI Designers allows us to choose the right font topography, adjust the colors to the brand's visual identification, and integrate the appropriate graphics and icons. The final effect of our work is the graphic design of your store, which is tailored to the needs of customers and the latest eCommerce trends.

User Interface Design

Selection and adjustment of graphic elements

Preparation of the content layout

Graphic design of the website

Analysis of ready-made graphic designs

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