SEO for eCommerce

SEO eCommerce
Seo ecommerce

SEO for eCommerce

The advantage of positioning online stores is the long-term benefit of positioning in organic search results. The result is an effect in the form of more traffic from Google and increased sales, which can be noted after a few months of operation. The service ensures cheaper traffic in the future from organic Google results, which are often characterized by the highest conversion rate.

Advantages of eCommerce SEO

Long-term positioning benefit in organic search results

More traffic from Google

Increased conversion rate

Get traffic cheaper from organic Google results

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Act in the long term

By using the e-commerce positioning service, you gain long-term benefits in the form of positioning in organic search results, which in turn generates an increase in traffic from Google, translating into more sales.

Increase your traffic from Google

We rely heavily on e-commerce positioning on content and PR activities. We know that providing value to users on the web is very well received by Google, which results in the best bonuses in search results.

Increase the conversion

We develop a scheme of actions, thanks to which we effectively influence increasing positions in Google. At the same time, we focus on flexibility in the entire positioning process, adapting solutions to be as effective as possible.

SEO exclusively for eCommerce

SEO audit

SEO optimization

Link building strategy

Optimized Content

Phrase position monitoring

Selection and scaling of the position of phrases

Advanced tools

Joint verification of results and assumptions

The tools we use for positioning and SEO analyzes

Seo station
Google search console
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