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Margo Pack Sp. z o.o. has been a leading manufacturer of cardboard packaging in the south-eastern Poland for years. The company undertakes various challenges - it creates standard, irregular and large-size packaging. However, the biggest challenge of our client for the last two years is the online sale of not only cardboard boxes, but a wide range of packaging and accessories for the catering, logistics, offices and e-commerce. MargoPack has been doing well in Allegro sales from the very beginning, but the Board's ambition is multichannel sales, especially in the online store, which until now practically did not exist.

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Objective What have we done?

E-commerce audit

UX design

eCommerce development

Responsive version of the store

Training and development

Marketing eCommerce

The foundation of business

Cooperation with MargoPack began in July 2018 with an e-commerce audit, whose task was to determine the current situation of the company at that time, the status of work on the implementation of the online store, the competence of the team and its preparation for multi-channel sales. MargoPack has been successfully selling on the Allegro for years, but the aim was to launch sales under its own domain and establish the main retail channel from this.


We have set the direction

Recommendations from the audit concerned, among others, changes in infrastructure, processes, logistics and team. The next important step was to redesign processes automating the whole ecosystem. Integration with ERP, implementation of BaseLinker, integration of sales channels and adding a beta version of the online store, as well as digitization of the warehouse were among the most important activities that we conducted at MargoPack. Then the help with recruitment of e-commerce specialists, implementation of communication standards and management of internal projects prepared the company to follow our e-commerce path more confidently and effectively.

Marcin Rudzik CEO, conducted an e-commerce audit and designed the processes

Marcin Rudzik CEO conducted an e-commerce audit and designed the processes

Shoper templates and graphics

Determining the direction of e-commerce development
Improvement of processes taking place in the enterprise
Integration and automation of environments

Applied solutions and tools

Wapro ERP
Ecommerce Shoper
Integracja z Baselinker
Integracja z Allegro

Designing a new online store

The implementation of individual graphic design in the MargoPack online store was planned six months after the launch of the sales platform. This time allowed the company to optimize processes, test the tool and verify the initial assumptions of e-commerce strategy. Thanks to a number of tests, we have obtained valuable data, helpful in the implementation of a tailor-made store project. The implementation of the new graphic design of the store was carried out in the following stages:

1. Collecting and analyzing data.
2. Selecting persons and designing conversion paths.
3. Modeling.
4. Designing a layout.
5. Implementation and testing.

The new store meets customer needs

The new version of the store, optimized for the User Experience, meets the needs of customers. The modern design facilitates access to information and inspires confidence in the brand. An important facilitation for users is a clear and functional menu with easy access to the search engine. The project has also taken into account the facilities for SEO, thanks to which effective positioning will be possible.

Maciek Wojciechowski E-commerce Manager, designed models and coordinated the implementation of

Maciek Wojciechowski E-commerce Manager

Continuous development

MargoPack Design i wdrożenie



Design desktop

MargoPack design wersji dektop mobile

Design mobile

MargoPack design wersji mobile desktop

Goals of eCommerce implementation


Tools used

Ecommerce Shoper
Html, css, js

Effects after the audit


50 %

Accelerating the work of the store service



Connected systems with shared workflow

Effects of marketing activities (July 2018 - June 2020)


350 %

Increase in revenue in the store


768 %

Increase in revenue from Google Ads campaigns


1 387 %

Increase in income from organic traffic


17 %

Increase in conversion rate


556 %

Increase in the number of transactions

Continuous development

The aim of the project is the continuous development of complementary products for three main B2B sector customers: online stores, confectionery owners, cafes, restaurants and offices. The objectives of the project are to constantly expand the assortment, increase traffic on the store and thus maintain a high conversion rate. Building relationships with customers, which translates into higher customer value in the long term and expanding the range of products for retail groups with non-standard products, such as wastebaskets and cardboard houses.

Grzegorz Sękowski E-commerce Manager, Coordinates current e-commerce activities

Grzegorz Sękowski E-commerce Manager



Applied solutions and tools

Facebook ads
Google ads

Creatives for Google Ads campaigns

Facebook ads
Google ads

Examples of Facebook posts:

Customer about cooperation

The cooperation with Brand Active started with a detailed e-commerce audit, during which we identified areas for process optimization and automation. As a result, an online store was created, which immediately became a new source of income (until now we sold only on allegro). Brand Active also supported us in recruiting an e-commerce manager and in shaping the new e-commerce department. Starting with accounting issues, logistics, pricing policy, product range expansion, sales support systems and marketing.

Thanks to detailed reports from Brand Active we always knew what the situation in our e-commerce business is like, where we are going and what we are currently facing. In 1 year alone, in cooperation with Brand Active, the number of orders in our online store increased by 453%, and gross revenue recorded an increase of 520%.

We recommend Brand Active as a real e-commerce agency, which not only closes itself to ad-hoc marketing activities, but also looks at e-commerce in a much broader perspective. Brand Active is a great partner to carry out the digital transformation in the company and to develop and increase sales.

Janusz Gondek & Marek Pelc , CEO of MargoPack


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