Case Study

Implementation of an online store

We accepted the order from the Management Board of Lestello, which decided to launch a B2C sales channel. The company did not have an online store until then. Our task was to comprehensively implement the store and define processes related to its launch and operation. The works were conducted in two ways, i.e. designing and building the store and supporting the processes around the future store.

Case Studies Lestello
About Lestello


Lestello is a company with traditions, existing on the market since 1992. It is a Polish manufacturer with Polish traditions, focusing on the quality of its products and customer satisfaction. The main profile of the company is confectioning and production of cereal products. Lestello is currently one of the leading companies on the Polish market producing and selling wafers, groats, rice, flakes, expanded cereals and legume products.

Lestello's products can be found in retail chains, supermarkets and hypermarkets, general food wholesalers, as well as in small, friendly local stores. The company's assortment also includes BIO products, which are of great interest, such as: Bio groats, Bio flakes, Bio expanded grains and Bio rice and buckwheat wafers, and for gourmands, Bio rice wafers in dessert chocolate. The products are certified by BIO confirming their naturalness.

Lestello firma

Objective What have we done?

New online store on the Shopify platform

UX design

Responsive version of the store

Support and advice

Training and development

Design and implementation

Lestello Design i wdrożenie



Design desktop

Lestello design dektop mobile

Design mobile

Lestello design mobile desktop

Solutions and tools

Liquid Shopify
Node js

Customer about cooperation

The aim of the cooperation with Brand Active agency was to implement an online store for our company Lestello and to provide subsequent marketing services. The aim of the cooperation was a comprehensive approach - from the design of the store, through its implementation and subsequent actions, including social media and PPC campaigns. The planned work has been done, we are satisfied with the effects of the implementation, and now we are starting wide activities within marketing.

Bartosz Pleban, Lestello Sp. z o.o.

Lestello logo

Summary of implementation

Thanks to a thorough pre-implementation analysis, an appropriate store engine was selected to enable further e-commerce development. After the analysis of the industry and the needs of the target group, a Shopify store template was designed, which meets the expectations of potential customers. The visual consistency of the brand was ensured and the design was maintained in the colors characteristic of Lestello. Focusing on an extensive blog section, a place was created for collecting valuable content, where Lestello provides activities in the form of recipes and advice.

As part of the post-implementation support, trainings on store management were conducted and procedures were prepared to improve e-commerce processes.

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