Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus was launched on the global market in 2014. This solution is chosen by the world's largest brands such as Fashion Nova, Rebecca Minkoff, Gymshark, Kylie Cosmetics, Nestle, Pepsi, Jeffree Star Cosmetics. 

Shopify Plus features

Shopify Plus has many additional features. We describe them below:

  • when you choose Shopify Plus you have full control and ability to customize your checkout experience. It gives you the opportunity to customize the entire purchasing process exactly to your brand vision and strategy
  • create checkout discounting with Shopify Scripts (eg.tiered pricing, BOGO deals,  custom shipping and payment options with Shopify Scripts)
  • schedule campaigns with Launchpad - this is an automation tool built to fully plan and accurately monitor events that generate revenue in your business (eg. shopping and sales campaigns)
  • automate your tasks with innovatory Shopify Flow. Using this workflow builder allows you to easily and transparently automate tasks - this will ensure that the whole team has clearly defined tasks and pursues a common goal which is the development of the company and business
  • Shopify Plus gives you exclusive API access & endpoints - so you can build complex integrations with Gift Card, Users, and Multipass / SSO APIs

Shopify vs Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus contains all the functionalities of standard Shopify plans, but gives the entrepreneur an additional number of possibilities that allow you to develop your business in a way that is unattainable so far.

Shopify Plus will additionally provide migration support, help in building strategies and tips from a team of Shopify experts to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals, 24/7 priority technical support, ecommerce automation tools to automate all sales campaigns, built-in wholesale solution that greatly facilitates multi-channel sales.

Shopify Plus pricing

Shopify Plus is not a standard solution and therefore there is no single top price list.

Before implementing / migrating a store to Shopify Plus, experts prepare a valuation tailored to the scale of the entrepreneur's business.

The valuation consists of: sales potential, current sales results (number of orders, number of customers, etc.), additional needs of the entrepreneur. 

Shopify Plus monthly cost starts from $ 2,000 - it is a kind of starting price.

Shopify Plus B2B

All orders from different distribution channels in one place - is it possible? With Shopify Plus, yes.

Shopify Plus automates the sales process and supports all commercial operations, including those based on the B2B business model.

Thanks to Shopify Plus, in your offer addressed to B2B customers you will be able to create custom prices, extensive percentage discounts based on the volume for individual customers and groups. You will automate the B2B customer registration process and you will synchronize stocks and orders of all customers. You will be able to review wholesale orders before final invoicing.


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