Shopify Partner

We are in the Shopify Partner program

As an ecommerce agency, we belong to the Shopify Partner program. What does it mean?

As a certified Shopify Partner, we are a direct link between our clients and Shopify developers.
We have the ability to create stores in the developer version, which are not limited by a 14-day trial period.
Brand Active is a Shopify Partner agency and it gives us the opportunity to really influence the changes taking place in Shopify.

Due to the fact that we belong to the program, we also have direct access to the huge Shopify knowledge base, which we also supplement with our own examples and experience.

The Shopify Partner program is primarily people and community that we all create together, developing this sales platform worldwide every day.

We belong to the program for almost 2 years and we are one of the leading Polish agencies that is on the list of Shopify Partners.

Due to the fact that we are a Shopify developer partner, our IT department tests its own applications and programming solutions. Thanks to this, before implementing them at clients, we check everything thoroughly in our test, developer stores.

If you are looking for a Shopify Partner who works on this platform every day and knows it very well, our agency will meet your expectations.

As a Shopify reseller, we help clients create stores from scratch, migrate them from other systems, and test applications.