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Facebook Ads
Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

We run comprehensive marketing campaigns for online stores. As part of the Facebook Ads service, we will analyze the target audience and configure sponsored campaigns on Facebook. Based on the adopted strategy, the copywriter and graphic designer prepare materials in the form of unique content and graphics. After each completed campaign, we prepare a detailed report taking into account the results achieved thanks to our activities.

Facebook Ads campaigns for eCoomerce

Selection of the appropriate target group

High fan commitment

Optimized Pay Per Click rates

Scaling the campaign

Google Ads

Google Ads

Google Ads advertising is one of the best ways to reach your customers. Our activities focus on increasing sales efficiency. Every day we create and optimize Google Ads campaigns in order to maximize sales with minimal financial effort. We approach the service comprehensively, because only this approach allows us to achieve measurable results. We use all types of advertisements - incl. text, product, remarketing, GDN advertising network, YouTube, mobile, Gmail. We precede the launch of the campaign with an analysis of the competition and on its basis we select the appropriate types of advertisements. As part of the cooperation, we offer campaign automation, keyword selection, analysis and selection of appropriate pay per click rates, and graphic display campaigns. We provide substantive support in making decisions related to marketing and store development. Our specialists offer an analysis of specific solutions, presenting their own recommendations regarding activities that will be more beneficial for the client.

Google Ads

Kampanie Google Ads dla eCoomerce

Campaign automation

Keyword selection

Analysis and selection of appropriate Pay Per Click rates

Display Graphical Campaigns

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