Guide: how we transfer a domain from an external server to our Shopify store

In our project, we decided to use external portals where we bought a domain and an e-mail service. It's worth remembering that Shopify does not support e-mail servers, so this choice is very important.

Our activities looked like this:

Step 1

Domain registration in a company specializing in this topic.

We chose

What they do: domains, VPS, web hosting, e-mail & messaging, SSL Geteway / CDN. We chose them because not only do they provide comprehensive services, but their prices are also very attractive.

These are just a few clicks and the domain belongs to us:

Step 2

Redirection of DNS zone to servers is a Polish company that has been operating on the market since 2002 and provides services including hosting, e-mail or domain registration.

We use services, which is why we decided to cooperate with them in this project.

Step 3

Trying to add a domain to our Shopify store

It turned out that the domain could not be assigned correctly. We returned to the LH panel to verify where the problem was.

Step 4

It turned out that we should also redirect the A and CNAME records:

Step 5

Verification that everything was working:


Step 6

The domain has been connected correctly and is already active.


In our project #eCommerceDiary we show you how to create an online store step by step and share our successes. Just click the image below:


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