Piotr Znamirowski

Head of Business Analysis | For many years, he has been consulting and supervising implementations and integrations in the area of e-commerce. Always looking for a way to optimize and automate IT processes. Through close contact with developers, clients and their projects, it optimizes and develops their e-commerce systems. Currently, he is responsible for pre-implementation analyzes, building the architecture of future e-commerce systems.

Returns in Shopify – how to automate them while contributing to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

How important are returns in eCommerce?
The current times of pandemic and consumer habit contribute to more frequent purchase decisions, often misplaced. Increased trust in online stores, new forms of payment, unavailability of malls on Sundays, fear of contagion and many other factors are increasing online sales while increasing returns. 

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Managing product information in Shopify using PIM AKENEO

What is needed to build a good and valuable Rich Card? When starting work on launching an online store, it is necessary to collect information about the products that we intend to sell. These are such information as: product name, product photo gallery, basic product description, product specification, manufacturer, product type, product flags, e.g. NEW, PROMOTION, product tags, product attributes e.g. COLOR, DIMENSION, …

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