Ewelina Wróbel

SEO Specialist at Brand Active. On a daily basis, she deals with creating content for online stores, link bulking strategy and preparing positioning strategies.

Customer Experience – 10 Key Facts

Customer experience is more important today than ever. Customer Experience, which we also find under the name CX, is the result of all user/customer interactions – from noticing an advertising message, through the purchasing process itself, to the sale. Every move a brand makes should be carefully thought out if it cares about a given image. Details influence customer perception and their decision to buy again. How to realistically influence CX? What to do to make the customer not only satisfied, but also loyal? The answer to these questions is Customer Experience Management.

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Shopify vs WooCommerce – key differences

The eCommerce market is one of the fastest growing commercial sectors in Poland. Limited access to stationary shopping caused by the pandemic has made more and more people like shopping online, and thus – a large number of entrepreneurs decided to move their businesses to the Internet. If you also face such a choice and wonder whether it is worth selling on the Internet and which engine to choose for your store – check out our guide. We discuss the most important differences between popular technologies functioning in eCommerce. We check for whom WooCommerce will work, and who should bet on Shopify.

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